Shingleback Lite Review

Shingleback Lite review by JT from Revo MTB

By JT (Revolution MTB)

“…you literally cannot get a better [vertical bike] rack for your money”…JT [R]evolution MTB

The Shingleback Lite is a highly versatile bike rack that is designed to securely transport your bikes on the back of your vehicle. Shingleback Lite vertical bike rack is constructed from lightweight yet durable materials, making it easy to handle and install on your vehicle. One of the standout features of the Shingleback Lite is its modular design. The vertical bike rack is designed to be highly customizable, allowing you to configure it to fit your specific needs. The modular system makes it easy to customize the spacing between bikes to fit different frame sizes and styles, plus it has a best in class cradle load rating of 35kg per cradle*. (*See Rack Specifications)

JT from [R]evolution MTB:


The Shingleback Lite is also incredibly easy to use. Loading and unloading bikes is a breeze, thanks to the tilt design that allows you to simply roll your bike onto the rack and secure it in place with the included bungees (see the Bungees safety features here). The rack also tilts down to allow easy access to your vehicle’s rear hatch or trunk, even when fully loaded with bikes.

Shingleback Lite easy loading and unloading

“You can get it in 2 Bike, 3 Bike, 4 Bike, 5 Bike, 6 Bike configurations…Australian Made & a 10 Year Guarantee on their stuff…this is the brand!”

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