About Shingleback Off Road

Quality and service

We’re a down to earth team at Shingleback Off Road. We love to keep things simple and we take pride in offering a personalised service to our customers.

Our product inspiration comes from our own family adventures – we need products that are practical, well-engineered, easy to use, are reliable and have a dual purpose. To achieve this we design, develop and test all of our products ourselves.

Shingleback Off Road products are carefully designed, developed, tested and built in Australia to the highest quality standards. Specialising in custom built products, we can tailor each design to suit each customer’s specific needs. If it’s quality you’re after, Shingleback Off Road offers the highest quality craftsmanship with the service to match.

Why the Shingleback?

The Shingleback lizard is an Australian native. The lizard’s features are the philosophy behind our designs – tough, practical, and built to survive in the harshest of environments.

Andrew Taylor

The craftsman behind Shingleback Off Road accessories and products, Andrew is a qualified Boilermaker by trade and a First Class ticketed Welder with extensive experience in design and fabrication. He lives with his family in North East Victoria, on the edge of the High Country.

Andrew loves being outdoors in the Australian bush. His passions include taking his family to remote camping spots, 4WDing, dirt bike and mountain bike riding and hiking. If it’s outdoors he is in!

For custom projects Andrew completes extensive research getting to know his customers and their needs before the design phase begins.

Kimberley Taylor

Kimberley is the Business Manager at Shingleback Off Road and takes care of most of the behind the scenes work such as customer support, process management and project development.

Kimberley grew up in the North East and like Andrew, loves to be outside enjoying life with her family and friends.

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