Shingleback Family at Maydena Nationals March 2021


Join the Ride Nation Family

By AusCycling | May 2 2022

Shingleback onboard for Superflow® 2022

By Rocky Trail Entertainment | Feb 25 2022

Tested: Shingleback Off Road Boost Rack

By Georgina von Marburg | February 21 2022

AusCycling partner with Shingleback Off Road for 2022

By Mike Blewitt | January 31 2022

Shingleback Off Road announce partnership with Aus Cycling’s “Ride Nation”

By AMB Magazine | January 20 2022

AusCycling Partners With Shingleback Off Road

By AusCycling | January 27 2022

AusCycling & Shingleback Off Road team up for 2022

By REVO Magazine | January 20 2022 

Tested: Shingleback Off Road ‘Sport’

By REVO Magazine | January 13 2022 

Shingleback Off Road Partners With Ride Nation

By AusCycling | December 20 2021

Shingleback Off Road release new Sport and Boost Vertical Bike Racks

By Mike Blewitt | November 20 2021 

Shingleback Off Road shines bright at awards

By Border Mail | July 24 2021

Shingleback Off Road as sponsor for the Rocky Trail Academy events

By Rocky Trail Entertainment | June 23 2021

Tested: Shingleback 2B90 Vertical Bike Rack

By Mike Blewitt | June 7 2021 

Case Study: Australian Made Campaign

By Australian Made | Jun 30 2020

Tested: Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack


Trail Tested: Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack

Product Review: Shingleback Off Road five bike rack

By Dozer | October 26, 2018

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