Optional Tow Bar Tube Accessories

Our racks all come with a standard tow bar tube which works well for approximately 80% of vehicles. The modular design of our racks means we can offer these additional tow tube options for vehicles which are designed specifically for vehicles with shallow tow bar hitches, or who need extra clearance.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the best option for your vehicle.

IMPORTANT: You will need a minimum depth of 60mm to be compatible with our product range. 

Special Offer: 20% Off the RRP when purchased with a vertical bike rack. Discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

To measure the depth of your tow bar receiver remove the tow bar fitting (removing the hitch pin and tongue) and use a tape measure or ruler to measure the depth of the receiver. Measure from the centre of the hitch pin hole, towards the front of the car, to where the hitch bottoms out. If your receiver measures more than 80mm the rack is already supplied with a standard tow bar tube to fit this measurement. If your tow bar receiver measures less than 80mm in depth (between 60mm and 79mm) you will need to purchase our 60mm Hitch Tube. For vehicles that need a longer bar tube see our range below.