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Can I mount the Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack to my caravan, motor home or camper trailer?

When considering a mount as an option and prior to purchasing one, it is your responsibility to ensure you understand:

  • the weight ratings of your vehicle (ie. tow ball weight, vehicle towing weight capacity)
  • that the tow ball weight will be affected
  • if extra support or bracing is required for your camper/caravan/trailer
  • your obligations to comply with government regulations in relation to accessories attached to your caravan/camper/trailer
  • how the installation of the bike rack will impact on your caravan/camper/trailer (ie. Sway, access to rear vehicle door, chassis and structural issues etc)
  • if the universal mount is right for your caravan/camper/trailer
  • you will need a qualified fabricator to weld the mount onto your caravan/camper/trailer