Shingleback Caddy

Product Description:

The Shingleback Caddy is a must have for anyone that needs to cart stuff around. Initially built for the ski resorts to carefully carry around a dozen or more pairs of skis and snowboards; the Caddy has become the go-to for families, farms and companies that move ‘stuff’… from logs to skis to golf bags to camping and holiday gear!

Weighing only 40kg, the Caddy installs to any 50mm vehicle hitch receiver. And, if you want to swing the Caddy out-of-the-way to access the car boot, simply install the Caddy on the Shingleback Swing Arm.   

The Caddy can carry up to 130kg; however, always check your vehicle’s tow ball down-load rating for weight compliance.

There is provision to attach the Shingleback Light board which takes care of the auxiliary number plate and lights, sold separately.

PLEASE NOTE: The Shingleback Caddy is only available for collection from our Wodonga Factory (unless prior arrangement made).

$1,900.00 inc GST