Yes, Shingleback Racks are designed to transport a variety of bike sizes including ebikes. They can accommodate full-size 29” – 24″ wheels (up to 35Kg per cradle) as well as smaller 20” wheel kids’ bikes and gravel/road bikes. If you have our Shingleback Lite rack, we offer dedicated accessories that allow you to safely transport 20” wheel kids/BMX bikes and gravel/road bikes. These accessories are available for purchase separately and can be added to your rack order during the purchase process.

Our accessory options include:

When considering a mount as an option and prior to purchasing one, it is your responsibility to ensure you understand:

  • the weight ratings of your vehicle (ie. tow ball weight, vehicle towing weight capacity)
  • that the tow ball weight will be affected
  • if extra support or bracing is required for your camper/caravan/trailer
  • your obligations to comply with government regulations in relation to accessories attached to your caravan/camper/trailer
  • how the installation of the bike rack will impact on your caravan/camper/trailer (ie. Sway, access to rear vehicle door, chassis and structural issues etc)
  • if a mount is right for your caravan/camper/trailer
  • you must engage a qualified fabricator to weld a mount onto your caravan/camper/trailer
  • the rack and swing arm are designed for use on the rear of vehicles so mounting these products to your caravan/camper/trailer is done strictly at your own risk
  • Shingleback will not be liable for any claims or damages whatsoever resulting from the use of the rack or swing arm products on your caravan/camper/trailer
  • The information on this website is provided for general information only and does not constitute professional advice
  • No reliance should be made by any consumer on the information but instead consumers should make their own independent enquiries with the original manufacturer as appropriate

Please read our Disclaimer before purchasing a rack to use on a caravan/camper/trailer.

All orders within Australia will be delivered by Direct Freight (excluding small items which are sent via Australia Post).  We take great care in packing your shipment carefully. Once shipment is collected by Direct Freight, Shingleback Off Road can not control delivery times, however we will provide you with a tracking number for your shipment so you can monitor delivery progress and stay informed. We aim to dispatch your order within 5 to 7 business days of the order and payment being received.  This can vary during peak seasons, however we will always strive to dispatch your order as quickly as possible. Once you receive the tracking number we encourage you to log on to the Direct Freight website and track your order

For an estimate on transit times use the ETA calculator from Direct Freight. 

Smaller items will be dispatched through Australia Post and you’ll receive email notifications to track your delivery progress.

Always check the regulations in your State/Territory as they can vary across Australia.
For night driving you must ensure your number plate is visible and illuminated. For day driving, if the rack obstructs your vehicles lights, you will need a light board to comply with road regulations.

Your number plate must be visible at all times and so we supply a basic number plate board with the Shingleback Rack that you can attach to the wheels of your bike. You will need to contact your State/Territory road authority to purchase a bike rack number plate.

No, we don’t sell our products in parts.  Our products have been carefully designed to work as a whole package to provide you with a high quality system for your bikes.  We have the Shingleback Canopy Bike Rack for those seeking a more permanent solution.

Please visit the Rack Specifications page for all the specifications.

To measure the depth of your tow bar receiver remove the tow bar fitting (removing the hitch pin and tongue) and use a tape measurer or ruler to measure the depth of the receiver. Measure from the centre of the hitch pin hole, towards the front of the car, to where the hitch bottoms out. If your receiver measures more than 80mm the rack is already supplied with a standard tow bar tube to fit this measurement. If your tow bar receiver measures less than 80mm in depth (between 60mm and 79mm) you will need to purchase our 60mm Hitch Tube. For vehicles that need a longer or offset tow bar tube see our range here

** IMPORTANT –  You will need a minimum hitch depth of 60mm to be compatible with our product range. 

Yes. All Shingleback Racks have different settings that enable you to achieve a good fit on your vehicle. You’ll notice photos used all through our website featuring the rack fitted to a variety of vehicles including Prados. For Mitsubishi Pajeros please read the next FAQ and options available to successfully mount your Shingleback Off Road Vertical Bike Rack.

Yes, but there are few options to make it work.  Because the spare wheel on the back of the Pajero is very close to the hitch, and this varies depending on the particular Pajero model, it will contact the pivot box part of the Shingleback rack preventing fitment of the rack and the rear door from opening.

The options are;

  • Swing Arm:  Allows easy full rear access even with bikes loaded. 
  • Long Tow Bar Tube: this will allow the Shingleback rack to be fitted neatly but you won’t be able to open the rear door even if the rack is fully lowered.
  • Offset Tow Bar Tube:  Used to lower the hitch height in 50mm increments (either 50mm or 100mm will work depending on your Pajero), this will allow the rear door to be fully opened when the rack is lowered to the ground (bikes removed).  Please be aware that the departure angle is reduced.

To ensure you select the correct Offset Tow Bar Tube for your Pajero, we recommend customers measure the distance from the hitch receiver’s center hole to the outer edge of the spare wheel, including its cover. This measurement is important and varies due to the availability of different spare wheel covers across various year models.

Other Options: Some Pajero owners have installed a spare wheel lift kit, raising the spare wheel by approximately 50mm. Shingleback does not offer this lift kit solution so customers should seek this option themselves.  When the spare wheel is lifted this allows the 50mm offset tow bar tube to work.

** IMPORTANT: Please measure the depth of your vehicle’s tow hitch.  You will need a minimum depth of 60mm to be compatible with our product range. 

The Dolly Stand is compatible with all bike racks in the Shingleback range. Please refer to the additional information tab in the specifications page regarding dimensions.

You must only drive with the centre vertical post in the upright (vertical) or forward position towards the vehicle. Never travel with the post angled rearwards.

Unfortunately no. The tow hitch on Tesla Model Y’s is recessed, which looks neat but means it is impossible to fit the anti-rattle clamp or anti-rattle bolt to ensure a safe and secure fit. We do not recommend fitting a Shingleback rack to recessed tow hitches as pictured.