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Our range of Classic racks and accessories are in stock and ready to go.

5 & 6 bike SPORT racks are in stock and ready to ship, 4 bike SPORT racks will be back in stock in late April.

BOOST racks will be shipping from early May.

SPORT & BOOST accessories vary in availability, please check the product pages for the latest details.

The Shingleback Rack varies in size and has four different carrying capacities. Please visit the Rack Specifications page for all the specifications.

Yes. All Shingleback Racks have different settings that enable you to achieve a good fit on your vehicle. You’ll notice photos used all through our website featuring the rack fitted to a variety of vehicles including Prados.

Whilst our Classic Shingleback Rack was designed for the mountain biker in mind, our next-generation Sport and Boost racks feature a dedicated mounting system to securely transport your road bikes with 700c wheels. Our marine grade bungee system is compatible with all road bike wheels and protects your assets from any damage.

Yes. All Shingleback Racks can transport full size 29” bikes and down to 20” kids bikes. Our Shingleback Sport and Boost racks feature a dedicated system to enable you to transport BMX bikes including kids 20” wheel safely and securely without any custom configurations as required with a Classic rack. This BMX accessory is only compatible with Sport & Boost for a better and much more secure fit.

Yes. The Shingleback range is designed to take e-bikes. Our Classic Shingleback Rack takes up to 23kg per cradle, whilst our Sport & Boost racks enable you to take up to 30kg per cradle – suited to all e-bikes to shred on the weekend. Our innovative 2-bike rack was designed to carry e-bikes and can take a load rating of up to 30Kg per cradle.

Note: Do not exceed 60% of your tow ball down load rating for your vehicle. Refer to your vehicle manual supplement to understand your maximum tow ball down load ratings.

Eg, 60% of 250kg tow ball down load rating is 150kg recommended max weight on your vehicle and you must consider the weight of the rack too .

Always check the regulations in your State/Territory as they can vary across Australia.
For night driving you must ensure your number plate is visible and illuminated. For day driving, if the rack obstructs your vehicles lights, you will need a light board to comply with road regulations.

Your number plate must be visible at all times and so we supply a basic number plate board with the Shingleback Rack that you can attach to the wheels of your bike. You will need to contact your State/Territory road authority to purchase a bike rack number plate.

Yes, the Trolley Stand is compatible with all bike racks in the Shingleback range. Please refer to the additional information tab on the Shingleback Trolley Stand page for all the specifications.

You must only drive with the centre vertical post in the upright (vertical) or forward position towards the vehicle. Never travel with the post angled rearwards.

When considering a mount as an option and prior to purchasing one, it is your responsibility to ensure you understand:

  • the weight ratings of your vehicle (ie. tow ball weight, vehicle towing weight capacity)
  • that the tow ball weight will be affected
  • if extra support or bracing is required for your camper/caravan/trailer
  • your obligations to comply with government regulations in relation to accessories attached to your caravan/camper/trailer
  • how the installation of the bike rack will impact on your caravan/camper/trailer (ie. Sway, access to rear vehicle door, chassis and structural issues etc)
  • if a mount is right for your caravan/camper/trailer
  • you must engage a qualified fabricator to weld a mount onto your caravan/camper/trailer
  • the rack and swing arm are designed for use on the rear of vehicles so mounting these products to your caravan/camper/trailer is done strictly at your own risk
  • Shingleback will not be liable for any claims or damages whatsoever resulting from the use of the rack or swing arm products on your caravan/camper/trailer
  • The information on this website is provided for general information only and does not constitute professional advice
  • No reliance should be made by any consumer on the information but instead consumers should make their own independent enquiries with the original manufacturer as appropriate

Please read our Disclaimer before purchasing a rack to use on a caravan/camper/trailer.

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