Shingleback Bike Trailer

Transport large numbers of bikes with ease

Using the same proven quick and easy load system as the Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack, the Shingleback Bike Trailer is the ideal solution for MTB clubs, tour and shuttle operators, schools or anyone wanting to transport between 6 and 24+ bikes.

Each trailer’s chassis is made from all steel construction, fully welded by a certified welder, shot blasted, zinc primed then top coated in a tough scratch resistant powder coat. The checker plate aluminium deck is light weight and won’t rust, and the trouble free LED lights are sealed against water and dust. This is a top quality trailer for hassle-free commercial use.

We can make trailers that hold between 6 and 24+ bikes, with:

  • a handy mesh cage in the middle for easy gear storage,
  • a fully-enclosed watertight cage complete with doors, or
  • cageless trailers that maximise bike-carrying capacity.

Are your shuttle customers happy with your trailers?

If you’re an MTB shuttle operator or a school outdoor education leader chances are that your shuttle trailer has rough edges on the crank arm slots, uses inner tubes to secure bikes and is potentially a cause of customer complaints due to scratched cranks, gouged frames, or damaged stanchions.

With the Shingleback Bike Trailer these problems are a thing of the past. Just like the Shingleback Bike Rack, the Shingleback Bike Trailer bike mounting system is designed so that only the rubber tyres have contact with the rack. This means no more scratched or gouged bike frames, forks or cranks. If you’re a commercial operator, your customers are going to love you when you show up for shuttles or a tour with this trailer behind your tow vehicle.


We make your trailer to order, so when you speak with us you can specify the capacity that suits you. We can make the Shingleback Bike Trailers to carry between 6 and 24+ bikes.


To enquire about your Shingleback Bike Trailer please contact us. We will work with you to create a custom bike trailer that is a perfect match for your club or business.