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Shingleback Lite Rack – 3 Bike

Product Description:

Australia’s favourite vertical bike rack just got even better!

The Shingleback LITE 3 Bike Rack is stronger, safer, easier to use, and more adaptable than the older style Classic. Shingleback vertical bike racks include cradle rotation/adjustment for a better fit between handlebars and is compatible with our range of accessories*. Our racks also feature a foot tilting mechanism to make it easier to tilt the rack for roll-on/roll-off loading – no over the shoulder lifting required.

Shingleback continues to make transport safe and easy for any mountain biker, gravel grinder, road biker or kids bike.

Like all Shingleback vertical bike racks, these are attached to your vehicle using a 50mm square towbar hitch and come with a 10-year warranty, backed by third-party independent Engineering Certification.

* IMPORTANT: The LITE 3 is not compatible with the Ski Clamp accessory

*Shipping T&C’s Apply.

$1,640.00 inc GST

  • Tow bars vary depending on the vehicle, you will need to determine your tow bar capacity before choosing the right rack for you.
  • A swingarm reduces your bike rack’s download rating. Please check the rack specifications and disclaimer for more information.
  • Please note some vehicles have a shallow hitch (approximately 60mm) and may require a shorter tow bar tube and these are available to purchase under the Accessories tab. Please check the depth of your vehicle’s hitch.
  • Got a Landcruiser 200 or 300 series? Please make sure you also purchase the 200/300 series Anti-Rattle Clamp

What's in the box?

  • Shingleback LITE Rack

  • All nuts and bolts

  • Standard Tow Bar Tube

  • Shingleback LITE Rack

  • All nuts and bolts

  • Standard Tow Bar Tube

  • Numberplate Holder

  • Anti-rattle clamp

  • Vehicle Tow Hitch Pin not included

    Please use your vehicle's tow hitch pin to secure the rack to your vehicle.

  • Numberplate holder

  • Anti-rattle clamp

  • Vehicle Tow Hitch Pin not included

    Please use your vehicle's tow hitch pin to secure the rack to your vehicle

Shingleback LITE.

4 ways the Classic rack just got a whole lot better

Compare our product range

Features 2B90 LITE
Mountain bikes 24”- 29”
E Bike Compatible
Kids Bikes / BMX / (20"wheels)
Road / Gravel bikes
Winter gear (snowboard / Skis)
Multi-adjustable cradles (forward / back/ rotate left-right)
Maximum load (per cradle)
Maximum carrying capacity
Auto-latch tilt mechanism for roll on / off loading and rear vehicle access

^ Please refer to our Product Support page for more information 
* Dedicated Transport Accessories purchased separately

Features of the Shingleback LITE

Multi-Adjustable Cradles

New cradle design that reduces movement, contacts mainly on the tread to reduce potential sidewall rub and hugs your wheel just right.

Highly adjustable cradle positions with rotation and front/back movement to give a better fit with wider handlebars. Cradles are positioned in a staggered fit to ensure maximum clearance can be achieved between bikes so brake levers are not rubbing between frames.

Light, High Quality Materials

We’ve used corrosion-resistant, higher-tensile Duragal steel in carefully selected specifications to keep the weight down compared to our SPORT rack while maintaining optimum strength and reliability for carrying any bikes up to heavy ebikes.

Keeping the weight down throughout the rack allows for easier handling between your car and garage.

Carry ALL of the bikes

With our new cradle design and range of accessories you can safely carry every bike in your collection.

Bikes with wheels from 24" to 29" MTB, up to 4" wide fat tyres and most gravel bikes, will fit straight into the standard cradles.

With the addition of the 20" BMX insert or Roadie Insert  you can also carry kids 20" bikes, BMX and road bikes.

Foot Latch Mechanism

The all-new foot latch mechanism enables you to easily tilt the rack for roll-in loading without having to lift your bike overhead, making transport safer and easier for you.

The super simple latch design works smoothly and has built in redundancy with the safety pin which gives 100% peace of mind that the pivot or latch will never fail.

Carry skis too!

When the Ski Clamp accessory is attached you can mount snowboards and skis,  even while transporting bikes!

Modular vehicle mounting

With interchangeable tow bar tubes of different lengths,  and multiple hitch pin and rack mounting locations gives you the most flexibility when fitting the rack to your vehicle.

Auto-latching pivot

The all-new design features an auto-latching pivot so the rack ‘clicks’ into place for transport position. If you need more room to move you can also recline the rack all the way down to ground level for full access on vehicles with swing-open doors.

The full recline also creates a handy bike stand while at your destination.


Built tough, 100% Aussie

Shingleback Off Road is a family-owned business. All our products are designed and made in North East Victoria.

A rack you can trust

We’re so confident in the workmanship of our Shingleback racks that we’re prepared to guarantee them for 10 years

Engineering Certification

The only vertical bike rack company in Australia to have third party engineering certification. Shingleback racks are tested to ensure product longevity, QA compliance and safety.

Enhanced Features

Deeper Cradles

Our updated design features deeper cradles for your front wheel, which allows it to sit deeper giving added stability and less movement. With each cradle certified to carry 35kgs they're perfect for eBikes too!

Cradle Adjustment

No one likes a scratch on their frame from their mate's brake lever, so to prevent any damage from occurring between bikes, we've added the ability to rotate the cradles for a custom fit between bikes on the rack.

Recline to the ground

We have a simple and secure mechanism to tilt the LITE rack backwards (loaded) for rear vehicle access & easy bike loading. Need more? You can quickly remove a safety bolt to drop the rack (unloaded) all the way to the ground, giving you a handy bike stand when at your destination.

Optional accessories to enhance your vertical bike rack

Roadie Insert

Roadie Inserts take 10 seconds to install on Shingleback cradles, instantly allowing you to safely and securely carry your road and gravel bikes alongside MTBs.

BMX Insert

With the 20″ bike insert your rack can suit smaller wheeled bikes such as BMX and kids bikes so your vehicle remains clutter free and the whole family can ride.

The Extender

Need to carry small bikes along with super slack long bikes? The extender quickly attaches to the bottom bar to ensure all wheels are sitting snug in the ‘sweet spot’.

Garage Storage option works with Shingleback Vertical Bike Racks

Dolly Stand

Slot your rack into the Dolly Stand and it becomes a sturdy bike storage system for your shed or garage that keeps your bikes neat and out of harm’s way.

Shingleback Off Road Lightboard

Light Board

Enhance your night time visibility with high quality LED taillights and indicators, including a place to mount your license plate. Easily fits to the bottom bar of the rack.