Lite Vs Classic vertical bike rack

4 ways the Classic vertical bike rack just got a whole lot better

What are the key differences between the All-New Shingleback Lite vertical bike rack and the retired Shingleback Classic vertical bike rack.

We took a winning rack (the Classic) and made it even better with the All-New LITE rack. The team at Shingleback we’re waiting a long time for this upgrade and we’ve finally released it to the market and we have been amazed by the uptake of the Lite with excellent reviews. 

This video provides a quick comparison between the All-New LITE & retired Classic rack looking at its design features and enhancements. We also discuss the longevity of the marine grade orange Bungee’s and we demonstrate its safety features in our previous post.


1. New Foot Mechanism

The all-new foot mechanism is a Shingleback first making roll in/roll off loading quick and effective. Without the need to lift the bikes overhead this makes it easier when loading heavy ebikes and for shorter people. Unfortunately this mechanism cannot be retrofitted to any older Classic racks and is a unique feature only available the on the LITE & 2B90 range.

2. Enhanced Cradles

The all-new LITE features the same cradles as its bigger brother, SPORT and includes the same benefits:

  • large lightweight tubing to give market-leading 35 kg rating (52% higher cradle capacity compared to the Classic)
  • tyre sits deeper into the cradle for a more secure fit 
  • angled and tapered to contact mainly on the tread, virtually eliminating sidewall rub
  • Fits 24-29″ and up to 4″ fat bike tyres
  • Multi-adjustable cradle fitment including front/back and rotation adjustment, which has virtually eliminated bike to bike contact and allows large bikes to be loaded in the centre

3. Light & Stronger

We’ve optimised the all-new LITE using materials to keep the weight of the rack minimal compared to SPORT  – without compromising on it’s strength. By keeping the overall weight of the rack down we’ve made it easier for you to mount and unmount the rack to and from your vehicle. We’ve used high tensile Duragal Steel for strength and internal rust resistance, combined with a replaceable aluminium bottom bar to reduce weight and protect your bikes in case of impact.

  • 2b90 Bike rack weighs in from 22kg
  • Lite 3 Bike rack weighs in from 22kg
  • Lite 4 Bike rack weighs in from 26kg
  • Lite 5 Bike rack weighs in from 28kg
  • Lite 6 Bike rack weighs in from 32kg

4. More Accessories

One of the well known benefits of the Shingleback vertical bike rack range is its multi-sport application. You can now purchase dedicated transport accessories to transport your winter Ski’s, Snowboards & Water Skis. We also have a range of other on-rack accessories from a Roadie Insert to transport road bikes with 700c wheels and Roadie Insert Tilt bracket (if your running mutliple road bikes).

One of more popular accessories as seen with the SPORT is the BMX insert, allowing you to mount kids bikes or BMX bikes with 20″ wheels. This accessory also comes with The Extender to use with kids shorter wheelbase 20″ wheels. We also have the Utility hook accessory to carry your kids scooters, trail tools and other accessories using our iconic marine grade orange bungees to secure your contents.

classic vs lite



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