Bungee vs pedal straps

Bungees vs pedal straps educational series

So which is best for your bike? Bungees Vs Pedal Straps

Our distinctive orange Bungees not only make it easy for loading and unloading, but also include a safety feature to protect your bike from lower ground impacts….especially up steep driveways or curbs.

We often recieve questions from customers “how long do bungees last”, “are pedal straps an option”…. One of challenges with vertical bike racks is the risk of the rear tyre contacting the ground and with bikes getting longer this can even happen when going up a driveway or over a curb. Upon contacting the ground, the orange bungee allows the bike to move up to absorb the impact and save your bike.

This video demonstrates the longevity of the orange bungees, the ease of loading with bungees and the safety features to protect your bike from lower ground impact.

Bungee Cord

The iconic orange bungee has been tried and tested since 2016 and offers quick access to your bike.  The Shingleback bungee is Australian Made, marine grade, UV resistant that is doubled over for strength. With over tens of thousands of customers still using this method with their Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack and major Alpine Parks/MTB Parks using bungees to secure bikes to the rack or shuttle trailer – it is still the preferred choice over a pedal strap.

Pedal Strap

We’ve tested the pedal strap option over the years and this is an optional accessory available for added bike stability. We don’t supply the pedal strap as standard due to safety concerns and possible damage to your bicycles headset and frame. 

4 benefits of bungees compared to pedal straps:

  1. Protecting your bike from ground impact
  2. Less pressure on the headset/frame
  3. Cleaner look and no dangling straps
  4. Added visibility, the orange bungee can usually be seen in your rear view mirror while driving


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