Shingleback Lite Review

Shingleback lite vertical bike rack review on the back of white van

By Rotorburn (Dozer)

“The Australian owned and manufactured company have certainly put a stamp on the mountain bike scene in Australia with their amazing range of bike racks that offer a huge range with tons of accessories to suit whatever application you have to transport and store your bikes.”…Dozer

From Rotorburn – link to full article here

The all-new Shingleback Lite (from $1260) is the rack Australia has been waiting for, making it an MTB’er or e-bikers delight. The all-new Shingleback Lite also features multi-sport compatibility as featured on its bigger brothers, the heavier duty Sport vertical bike rack, to transport road bikes, kids 20″ bikes including waterskis and snowboards.

“We were lucky enough to get our hands on the Classic when they first landed and have watched those racks survive for so long. They’re still around of course and now the Shingleback Lite refines a craft that has worked so well for so long and added some timely features.”

Video Lite Vs Classic Bike Rack by Andrew (Founder & Creator of all Shingleback Products)

Features of the Shingleback Lite vertical bike rack

  1. Cradle Depth & Adjustment
  2. All-New Foot-Latch
  3. Roll on loading
  4. Easy to Assemble


“The wheel cradles bolt to the top bar of the rack and have a staggered set of holes allowing you to move them around when needed to make sure your bike doesn’t touch the bike next to it. The cradles are also built to sit higher up on your wheel for extra security in transit. Even though the cradles are higher than other assemblies, they aren’t bulky at all. I have been putting bikes on and off this rack and have not once had anything except the tyre touch the cradles”


Shingleback Lite rack cradle on back of ute with tray

Foot Latch

“The foot latch is combined with the hinging mechanism on the base of the rack to allow you to lower the rack to access the back of your car. Yep, you can leave the bikes on it while you do that too. Obviously the weight will increase of the rack is full but the bungee cord straps keep the bikes on and in place so well. The latch is not clunky, not in any way awkward and has a firm up & down action.”

Shingleback Lite vertical bike lower pivot design on back on white van

Roll on loading

“Time to load up? You can even load the bikes into this rack with it tilted down. I’m tall and have no trouble lifting bikes onto any rack but the idea that you can roll your bike into the rack, secure it with the bungee cords and raise the rack into place is neat.”

Shingleback Lite bike rack behind white van unloading and norco mountain bike


“The rack arrives with a very informative guide to assemble the rack. Forget the misinformed guides you get with furniture assembly; this guide is absolutely spot on and the parts provided match exactly what is shown. Now, I’m a fussy guy that appreciates good build quality. During the process of assembly, I was so impressed at how well the bolt holes lined up and equally impressed at the small tolerance in the mounting. There’s no jiggling bolts to get them to line up wrecking the threads, there’s no need to hammer anything together and although it’d be easier with two people, you can do this by yourself. It is that easy and doesn’t require any special tools to be bought.”

Shingleback lite vertical bike rack with mountain bikes and ebike

Australia’s favourite rack has evolved!

“When choosing the right rack for you, get in touch with the Shingleback crew to get some advice on the right things for you. I’m so happy to say I’ve had nothing but great conversations with the team and have complete confidence in their products. They’re Australian owned and manufactured offering a ten year guarantee.”

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