Gibb River Road & Shingleback Off Road

Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack at Gibb River Road Challenge raising funds for Royal Flying Doctor Service

Conquering the Gibb Challenge with Shingleback Off Road Vertical Bike Rack

In 2023, the Lion Racing Team set out on their ninth journey into the dusty, unforgiving terrain of the Gibb River Road. Renowned for their exceptional fundraising prowess and innovative approaches to the challenges of the road, the team has achieved legendary status over the years. However, 2023 was a significant turning point, marked by not only their astounding $33,500 in direct donations to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) but also a groundbreaking change in their equipment. The team bid farewell to their trusty custom box trailer setup and embraced a new companion for their Cruiser: the Shingleback Off Road Lite 4 bike rack.

Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack at Gibb River Road Challenge raising funds for Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Shingleback Revelation:

It was a leap of faith that required persuasion from the team’s captain, Adrian Beckett, to move away from their tried-and-true setup. Beckett, originally hailing from Tasmania, first encountered the Shingleback rack during a recent trip along the East Coast Trails. Witnessing its performance on the rugged terrains was a lightbulb moment that led to this groundbreaking decision. The Lion Racing Team proudly partnered with Shingleback Off Road, who also generously donated a rack for their fundraising auction. It turned out to be the highest-yielding auction item of the day, much to the delight of the cheerful crowd at their beer quiz fundraiser.

Survival and Discussions:

In the lead-up to the event, and on the day before the challenge commenced, conversations about bike racks, trailers, transitions, and survival were plentiful. Various bike racks were in use, but the Lion Racing Team stood out as the sole team equipped with the new Shingleback Off Road Lite 4 Bike Rack. Recommendations from other teams poured in, suggesting the use of ratchet straps to secure the rack to the roof racks to minimize movement and fatigue on joins. Beckett conducted thorough research and received assurance from the manufacturer that the Shingleback Off Road rack could handle the rugged Gibb River Road, instilling full confidence in the product.

Taking on the Gibb:

The event began, and on day one, after covering a gruelling 228 kilometres, the team crossed the finish line. While it’s not a race, their remarkable achievement became evident as they secured a commendable 6th place overall. The following day, they finished second, which led to some scepticism and accusations of not playing by the rules or using E-Bikes. The truth was that their lightning-quick transitions between riders, taking only 20 seconds to stop, unload, and ride again, and 20 seconds to load the next rider’s bike, set them apart. Interest in the Shingleback Off Road Vertical Bike rack began to flourish among the competing teams.

Championing the Shingleback Rack:

On the second night of the challenge, the road into camp proved exceptionally challenging due to an above-average wet season in the Kimberley. The Lion Racing Team conquered sections of the track that could only be navigated at a walking pace. They reached camp almost 90 minutes ahead of many other teams for a 30-kilometer stretch. This extraordinary feat did not go unnoticed, and their Shingleback rack became the talk of the night. Videos showcasing their bikes securely in place, even during the toughest sections, garnered admiration from fellow racers. While maintaining their bikes with the racks as support during their daily maintenance routines, they enjoyed some downtime and conversations over a couple of drinks.

Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack at Gibb River Road Challenge raising funds for Royal Flying Doctor Service

A Seamless Journey:

As the event unfolded, and they braved crocodile-infested rivers, the Lion Racing Team made it from Derby to El Questro Station  without a single problem. Not a single bike frame made contact with another, and the bikes emerged from the event looking as if they had never left the shed, except a layer of dust. Conversations with other teams around water holes revealed their shared excitement for the 2024 event, where Shingleback Off Road racks are set to dominate the field.

Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack at Gibb River Road Challenge raising funds for Royal Flying Doctor Service


The 2023 Gibb Challenge was a turning point for the Lion Racing Team, as they ventured into uncharted territory with their Shingleback Off Road Lite 4 bike rack. Their resounding success, both in fundraising and performance, solidified the Shingleback rack as a game-changer for off-road enthusiasts. As they look forward to future challenges, it’s clear that Shingleback racks are set to become the industry standard for those who dare to tackle the rugged Gibb River Road.