Shingleback Off Road & Blue Dirt Mountain Biking Partnership

MTB Bike Shuttle Trailer at Falls Creek Resort

Official 3-Year Partnership : Shingleback Off Road & Blue Dirt Mountain Biking

Today, two iconic brands from the Victorian High Country have officially announced a 3-Year Partnership. This news is both exciting and excellent for the Australian Mountain Biking community. Blue Dirt will soon be adding a number of new and updated Shingleback Trailers to their current fleet of existing Shingleback Trailers. “Blue Dirt are true Aussie grit, their young business has weathered fires, floods and months of COVID lockdowns. With the support of the MTB gravity crew they bounced back stronger and tougher every time. We are proud to be partnering with such a respected local MTB company here for the long haul”. Andrew Taylor (Principle and co-owner, Shingleback Off Road) “We have been using Shingleback Trailers for a few years now. We began working with Andrew and his team to develop a rock solid trailer that suits the harsh Aussie conditions we use them in every day. We have partnered with Shingleback because we know that they can provide the best quality product we require and they are the market leaders in this space in Australia. Shingleback are also a local business making it a perfect fit” Aaron Kopanica (General Manager, Blue Dirt)

Shingleback MTB shuttle trailer at Bright

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