Ride Nation Wollongong

Auscycling and Shingleback support for Ride Nation

Bike Immersion day kicks off to engage students in bike-related activities across 80 primary schools in the Illawarra region.

Shingleback announced its support for AusCycling and its range of bike education programs, encouraging more people to enjoy riding their bike, regardless of age, circumstances, skill and location.

Link to AusCycling partnership article here.

Shingleback is the official trailer supplier for Ride Nation Schools, and we’re delighted that Bike Immersion Day kicks off in May 2022. We’re also stoked to see other Australian businesses getting behind this fantastic initiative, with a promotional vehicle to tow the Shingleback Outrigger Trailer across the Illawarra region, reaching kids far and near to participate in this exciting program.

Shingleback Support of Ride Nation Wollongong

The Bike Trailer supplied by Shingleback can be used with a range of wheel sizes and bicycle types, with dedicated transport systems for BMX bikes*, Road Bikes*, Gravel Bikes and a large range of Mountain Bikes and e-Bikes. The latest donation of 16 BMX bicycles from another local Australian business, enables Ride Nation to broaden its range of cycling genres and transport all types of bikes for Bike Immersion Day with a Shingleback bike trailer.

“We have been so excited to build a program that encompasses both on and off bike activities and it’s incredible to have support from both local and national partners which enables us to provide this unique opportunity for the community.” said Alex Meyland, Ride Nation Wollongong Coordinator at AusCycling.

Shingleback and AusCycling share the same vision to make Australia a nation of bike riders, build stronger club communities and make cycling more accessible to everyone. *Accessories Sold Separately 

UPDATE 21/07/22 – Since launching this incredible program on 16th May 2022, there have been just shy of 2,000 kids participating with plenty more on the way. Ride Nation is on track to reach over 10,000 kids participating in the bike education program across 80 primary schools in the Illawarra region.

“The [Shingleback Outrigger] trailer has been an integral part to make the days possible” – Alex Meyland, Ride Nation Wollongong Coordinator at AusCycling.



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