Shingleback Rack

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The ingenious way to securely transport up to 6 bikes

Available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 bike configuration (refer to the Additional Information section below for weights and dimensions).

All sizes are in stock and will be shipped within 5 days of a completed order.

For owners of 200 Series Landcruisers, please also see our specific Anti-Rattle Clamp for 200 Series Landcruisers


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When mounted securely to your 50mm towbar hitch, the Shingleback Rack is perfect for shuttling your MTB crew or for taking your whole family’s bikes on holiday. It’s easy to remove when not in use, and because the front wheel rests in a cradle it’s a safe option for carrying full-suspension mountain bikes with angled top tubes.

  • Only the rubber tyres have contact with the rack which means you can stop worrying about damaging your paint, carbon frame or components.
  • Fits 20″ kids MTBs up to 29″ full-sized MTBs (with 1.8″-3″ tyres) with no fiddly rack adjustments.
  • The rack can be quickly removed from your car and stored on the optional Shingleback Rack Trolley Stand, where it actually saves you space as a garage bike storage solution.
  • The optional Shingleback Rack Swing Arm allows quick access to virtually every type of vehicle boot or tailgate while fully loaded with your bikes.
  • Expert welding workmanship guarantees weld strength and adds to the build quality that our customers expect.
  • Clever yet simple design virtually eliminates all slop in your 50mm tow hitch for secure and rattle free use.
  • High quality, super tough steel with a scratch resistant powder coated finish means your rack will look good for years to come.
  • All racks come with a quick and simple numberplate board and there is provision to lock your bikes to the rack via a plastic coated cable (not included)
  • Guaranteed for 10 years to original purchaser.

Additional information

Capacity (number of bikes)

3 bike, 4 bike, 5 bike, 6 bike


3 bike rack: 21kg
4 bike rack: 25kg
5 bike rack: 27kg
6 bike rack: 31kg

Width (unloaded)

3 bike rack: 800mm
4 bike rack: 1090mm
5 bike rack: 1375mm
6 bike rack: 1670mm

Width (loaded)

3 bike rack: 1150mm
4 bike rack: 1400mm
5 bike rack: 1700mm
6 bike rack: 2000mm

Height (from tow bar)

All racks:
Unloaded 1380mm
Loaded 1800mm

Note: the highest point of an unloaded or loaded rack is determined by your towbar height and the size of wheels on your bike. Please carefully measure your loaded rack\\'s height and drive accordingly.

Height on Trolley Stand

All racks:
Unloaded 1635mm
Loaded 2060mm

Maximum load

3 bike rack: 69kg
4 bike rack: 92kg
5 bike rack: 115kg
6 bike rack: 138kg

Minimum towball download rating

The following minimum towball download ratings apply to the racks when they are fully loaded with bikes.
3 bike rack: 120kg
4 bike rack: 150kg
5 bike rack: 160kg
6 bike rack: 200kg

Refer to your car and/or towbar specifications to check your towball download limits.

2 reviews for Shingleback Rack

  1. Bruce (verified owner)

    Thankyou very much Andrew and your team. I have had my 6 bike rack for a couple of months now and am so pleased with it. Incredibly quick and easy to load and unload and don’t have to worry about bikes damaging each other. I have had many other riders comment about its practicality. The whole range of family bikes all fit so easily. Build quality is excellent. Thanks from this happy rider!

  2. Shane (verified owner)

    I have been using a 5 rack for a few months now and could not be happier. Took a while to find the best order to load our family bikes to avoid scratching, but now loading is quick, and easy.

    The rack is heavy, ideally a 2 person lift. It is very well built and worth every cent I spent on it.

    Time for a swing arm now to make it even easier to use.

    • Kimberley Taylor

      Hi Shane, thank you for the feedback and great tips!

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