Shingleback Boost Review

Shingleback Boost Rack

By Australian Mountain Bike (AMB)

“Today there’s seldom a trailhead that isn’t dotted with Shingleback Offroad’s vertical bike racks. Here in Northeast Victoria, the home of Shingleback, literal fleets of these iconic racks take over shuttle roads every weekend…it’s latest release is a key development that threatens to change the rack game all over again. ”…AMB

From Australian Mountain Bike (AMB) – link to full article here

“The new Shingleback Boost (from $2450) and Sport (from $1990) models takes a huge leap of progress, away from the company’s own conventions and that of other brands; in doing so, it addresses the recent technological developments in bikes, such as enormous wheel bases, wide tyres, and e-bikes. The racks start with 4 bike options, although there are options for racks to carry more bikes.”

“Firstly, the Classic still encounters the same height issues as roof racks: you must lift bikes over your shoulders – and sometimes head – to reach the rack. But what if you’re a parent who’s just dropping their kids at the trailhead? Or an older retiree with a 25kg e-bike? Or what if you’re simply below average height? These are the customers who typically struggled with the Shingleback Classic and roof racks alike.

The ‘Boost’ feature directly addresses this drawback.

The gas-strut mechanism allows the fully-loaded rack to recline and return with the pull of a lever. Not only does this enable boot access without having to remove bikes, but it will also save a few spines out there”

“With such compatibility and adjustability, it’s hard not to see this rack selling well. The Boost rack has untapped significant new markets for Shingleback, markets which are only set to grow. Horizontal hitch racks may have lessened the need to lift heavy bikes onto a rack, but they did not eliminate it; the Shingleback Boost mechanism comes very close to doing just that. The Boost and a host of other new features prove that Shingleback have been carefully listening to customer feedback over the years, and it’s reassuring to have an Aussie made and owned brand at the forefront of bike rack developments”

New Cradles

“Cradles are wider and their positioning is customisable. The bigger width obviously caters to wider tyres, but also means the tyre tread is what makes direct contact with the cradle, instead of the weaker sidewalls. Each cradle can also be brought forwards or backwards, meaning bikes can be spaced more appropriately to avoid brake levers touching the frame next to it”

New Cradle design allows for rotational adjustment between bikes


“Aside from suiting cars with low ground clearance, the Boost also suits luxury cars with typically short hitch receiver tubes. In the past, Shinglebacks were predominantly seen on twin-cab utes and SUVs; but two different length hitch bars mean the Boost should now be compatible with exotic Euro-mobiles as well.”

Shingleback has better compatability with euro hitch receivers


“While much has changed on this latest edition, some important facets remain the same. The bright orange bungee cords are an essential component of all Shingleback racks; they allow the bikes to move gently while hitting bumps on the road. Without these bungee cords, the bikes themselves would have to flex and bend on impact. I was especially grateful for the bungees while tearing up some unforgiving fire roads in Alpine Victoria. The steel mainframe with scratch-resistant powder coating also remains, retaining the sturdiness and quality finish Shingleback is known for. ”

Shingleback Boost rack in Alpine High Country Victoria

One rack to rule them all

“Given the versatility it’s a rack you’ll have for many, many years – and it will likely adorn more than one vehicle in its lifetime.”

View the Shingleback Boost 5 Bike Rack here. 

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