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Australian Made Vertical bike Rack

Australian Made Series: Shingleback Off Road

We are proud to be featured in the AMB [Australian Mountain Bike] Australian Made Series. Find out what motivates us and why we stand by our Australian Made products.


AMB: What are your proudest achievements to date with Shingleback?

Andrew: Every time we go somewhere iconic like Thredbo or Bright and see a carpark full of cars with our racks it makes us pretty proud. I get the same feeling at our local trails in Beechworth as well.

Kimberley: Recently a 10-year-old came up to me and called the Shingleback ‘the marriage saver 2021.’ Those kinds of comments where people say the racks have changed their ability to go and ride, for example I’ve had parents say to me that they avoided going for rides with their kids because they didn’t want to pack the bikes up, but now they love to get out there.

We’ve also been sponsoring a local gravity girls program in collaboration with the Beechworth Chain Gang MTB club (BCG) and The Fastline Bik academy, which has grown and is great to be a part of. The initiative was originally designed by the BCG, and with our support they were able to double the program, with over 80 women participating. I love seeing the WhatsApp chat for the group every day, as people are always keen to go riding and it’s a great community.

Andrew: Our partnership with AusCycling Australia and Ride Nation Australia are really exciting, being chosen as our peak body’s vertical rack of choice is something we are very proud of.

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Australian Made bike racks

AMB: What are the pros and cons of manufacturing in Australia?

Andrew: Since the beginning of the company we’ve taken great pride in manufacturing 100 percent here in Australia, using Australian materials. That’s been a huge positive during Covid when our demand increased dramatically, as we were able to source local materials and weren’t dependent on all the shipping issues other companies and industries have suffered from. Even outside of Covid, having local suppliers means our turnaround time is quick compared to importing materials.

“The phenomenal growth this brand from the Victorian High Country has achieved in the last five years is a tribute to hard work and a commitment to premium quality products.”

Australian Made Vertical bike Rack


AMB: What can people look forward to from Shingleback?

Andrew: Continued focus on being the innovators and market leaders who remain focused on quality and safety. We’re super excited about the new Sport and Boost racks, which will have shipped to customers by the time this magazine is published. The new design holds the bikes better, and we’re really pleased with the 30kg limit for each cradle given the growth of eBikes. This weight rating is the highest rated vertical bike rack.

Kimberley: There are many more products in the pipeline, and we’re spending a lot more time on the legal side of our products these days to protect our designs with patents. Like Andrew I’m really excited about the Sport and Boost racks, as they’re going to let even more people get out riding with their family, and particularly help people with loading eBikes. We’re also always taking on board feedback from our customers and from our own testing.

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Australian Made Vertical bike Rack

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