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Al & Bec Cooke – Need Time Away Blog

We love this installation video and review that Al & Bec have published on their Need Time Away blog. You can read the review here

Peter Andrews

Had my Shingleback rack for about 3 months now, it is the best bike carrying device on the market. I have not put a mark on our bikes, very quick and easy to load\unload, We have 2×27.5″, 1×24″ and 1×20″. All fit great. Thanks Andrew and Kimberley for the first class product and service. And for not manufacturing in china, it shows you guys really care about the product, local manufacturing and Australian jobs.

Gary Sowter

I’ve been using the swingarm attachment and 6 bike rack for my business PremiumMTB Transfers Tasmania both on road and off road… The build quality is truely what sets it apart from others on the market and Andrews eye for detail in the design is second to none… Its the staple peice of my business and many people comment on how it provides safe and secure transport for their bikes… 10/10 by a mile

Ant Wells

Just spent a few days riding Beechworth and absolutely everyone had one of these racks!

They are so simple and so awesome, every second vehicle had one. I got mine with the new extendable arm and love it…just go get one, but beware you are now the shuttle driver

Richard Wilson

My partner and I have a Volks Wagon Transporter T5, and we’ve been looking for a suitable bike rack for sometime to take with us when travelling. The shingleback rack was the answer to our prayers! It’s so easy to load bikes, and none of the components touch, which is ideal on long road trips.

We look forward to the swing arm feature that Andrew is currently working on, which will allow us to keep the bikes loaded on the rack whilst using the tailgate to its full potential.

Cheers Andrew, We’ll be seeing you again soon!

Damian Heman

This is hands down the best rack on the market, especially if you need to move 4 or 5 bikes.

We’ve had a Thule Euro Classic for about 8 years. It was great while the kids’ bikes were smaller but as they’ve gotten larger, it was just too fiddly. The Shingleback lets us take 5 bikes. Loads in minutes (or seconds really).

The only real negative is you can’t tilt it with bikes loaded without the swing-arm. But for the quality and ease, that was a compromise we’re happy with.

Best yet – it’s Aussie designed and owned and built in NE Vic.

James Taylor

I bought a 5 bike rack from Andrew a few weeks ago and have already tested it extensively on the back of my Landcruiser Prado and VW Amarok. I have to say, I am so impressed with this product, and Andrew’s dedication to delivering a quality build as well as a pleasant buying experience overall. It makes securing your bike on your car so easy, and I no longer have any worries about the bikes falling off as I had with some of my old set-ups. For our last trip away I easily fit a 29” MTB, a 27.5” MTB, a 20” kids MTB, a 24” kids MTB and even an 18” kids bike with training wheels (the front fork fit nicely inside the front wheel support on the rack and a short strap safely secured the back wheel down close to the rear wheel bar on the rack). Absolutely perfect for a growing family of five! I would genuinely recommend this product to anyone, and have already done so to all my friends. Good luck keeping up with demand Andrew, you are on a winner here mate!

Tim Phillips

Soo pleased with my Shingleback Rack. Andrew kindly fitted it out and installed to my 2015 prado.
Made with quality materials by trade professionals, makes for a robust and dependable product
Keep your eyes on this product as I’m sure this focused crew are about continuing with innovation, function and adaptability.

Shingleback OffRoad - 4 Bike Vertical Bike Rack

Warren Bell

I checked out a lot of bike racks and the Shingleback rack is the best by far! Solid rack with no rattle or slop, first class finish on the powder coating and welds. With 5 bikes loaded there is no touching or rubbing on the bikes, only the tyres touch the rack. The bikes are rock solid on the rack and it’s so quick and easy to load and unload. Speedy load and unload was important to me, I was sick of mucking around with straps or damaging cranks in shuttle trailers. Shuttle companies need to see these racks!!

My Ranger has a canopy and the tilt bracket allows the canopy door to open which was a nice surprise. Andrew was very helpful through the process, can’t recommend his racks highly enough!

Richard Swindell-Hurst

I just picked up my Shingle Back 5 bike carrier. Very impressed with the quality, there has been a lot of thought put into the design and development, and it is very well manufactured. The rack is extremely solid, and Andrew attached a fantastic metal bracket which makes the hitch stiffer. 
I did my research and the Shingle Back rack is easily the best one you can get for the money. I wouldn’t even bother looking elsewhere. 
Andrew is awesome as well, provided great customer service and showed me the tips and tricks to loading the bikes!
Overall a very happy customer! Highly recommend these racks!

Shannon Rademaker

Andrew built a 22 bike trailer that is quality, strong, durable, fit all styles and sizes of bikes for my shuttle service at Mt Buller Bike Park. Riders can self load and unload with ease with no wear on their bikes. I will be buying another one when the time comes to it!

Shingleback OffRoad - 22 bike carrier trailer

Richard Sampson

Rock solid rack and getting bikes on/off is a pleasure. Would never of thought I could get so excited about a bike rack

Shingleback OffRoad Bike Carrier

Andrew Threlfall

We picked up a 6 bike rack off Andrew while at the MTB National Champs in Bright. Andrew was super helpful fitting it to the van onsite, making sure it was completely compatible with the vehicle, even swapping to a longer insert so there was more clearance off the back of the van and less chance of the bikes making contact with the back window of the can on a rough road. Can’t recommend the rack enough. Definitely the best way to transport bikes in bulk safely and to shuttle on the weekends.