Maydena Nationals 2021 Wrap Up

Shingleback Family at Maydena Nationals March 2021

Maydena Nationals 2021 Wrap Up

Simon French and the crew at Maydena MTB Park have done – and continue to – create the most amazing MTB experience. Not only are the trails world class, the coffees great, the local draught beer delicious and the guys super friendly.  
So before you get all excited that Whistler MTB Park might be in the cards for 2022, you need to realise that Tassie is a very comprobal competitor. Quick-maths… at 800m Maydena has pretty much the same vert as Whistler. Maydena has tons more runs, heaps more variations in the runs, Maydena has no lift queues and generally better weather. What Maydena doesn’t have is bears and American from over the boarder…🤣.
Seriously, talk to anyone who’s lived at Whistler and ridden MTB seasons and you’ll soon understand that Maydena is right up there.

Maydena Nationals 2021

Downhill racing at Maydena Bike Park Nationals 2021

Downhill mountain biking at Maydena Bike Park

Shingleback OKA at Maydena Bike Park Tasmania

Shingleback OKA leaving Maydena Bike Park