New 2B90 EMTB Rack Launch

2 Bike Vertical & Tilting Shingleback Rack on 4x4 Dual Cab

Shingleback 2B90 2 Bike Rack – New Product Launch

Australian’s have been waiting for a robust 

MTB e-bike rack – Shingleback has the solution

Core Values:

Perfectly designed for the MTB e-bike and more, Shingleback, once again, leads in vertical bike rack innovation. 

The 2B90 vertical bike rack is rated to carry up to two 30kg bikes, the rack tilts down to allow easy and simple bike loading and unloading, perfect for e-bikers and lifestyle riders. The new sleek design means very little rear overhang – perfect for smaller vehicles and easy parking in tight spots.


Andrew Taylor, Founder and Chief Innovator explained “…I love looking for innovative, simple and valued rack solutions that address the gaps in the market. In my design I have responded to the needs of e-bike riders and lifestyle riders. The tilt-down loading mechanism reduces – even eliminates for some – the need to lift most bikes onto and off the rack, which is a huge benefit for the heavier e-bikes, and those of us that have age or body wear-and-tear working against us!”    

Kimberley Taylor, co-owner, adds “… I love that I can load my own e-bike on the 2B90. At 5ft 2” Kimberley says she “… can easily pop my bike or even Andrew’s XL bikes on the 2B90 without a strain…I just roll the front wheel on, give it a little nudge – too easy!” 

Product Key Points / Details:

  1. First in its Class : 2 bike vertical bike rack that can carry heavy bikes (up to 30kg/bike)
  2. Class of its Own : revolutionary design, where the 2 bikes face each other, yet no protrusion outside the car width
  3. Game Changer : easy to load and unload with full access to your boot without the need to remove the bikes; a rack system that can be used by the young and old, the tall and the not so tall! 
  4. Easy and safe suburban driving : with very little rack protrusion and overhang from the rear of the vehicle it’s easy and stress-free to drive around town and park. 
  5. Weighing only 21kg and compact protrusion from as little as 50cm. Easy to store away, or to use with the Shingleback rack stand as a bike stand/storage  
  6. Lifestyle riders : perfect for the urban S/DINKS (couples, no kids); GINKS (green inclination, no kids) who love getting out for a ride  
  7. Nomad rider : easily attached to a trailer or caravan, with easy bike loading and unloading

The Standard Shingleback Off-Road Quality

  1. 100% Australian Made and Owned, using Australian steel, and Australian Made Marine grade UV resistant shock cord
  2. 10-year product guarantee
  3. No frame contact points. Designed and tested to ensure secure steady transporting 
  4. No fiddly bike securing straps and ropes – same proven system as the Shingleback Rack range
  5. Innovators. From our home in Regional Victoria, we believe we lead the world in vertical bike rack innovation and product quality. We pride ourselves on the quality, simple usability and service we deliver to our Shingleback community. All our racks are registered with IP Australia, with a Patent Pending on the 2B90.

Shingleback 2B90 2 bike vertical bike rack – the E-bike solution

Shingleback 2 Bike Vertical Rack on Holden Colorado

Sian A'Hern using the new 2B90 Vertical Bike Rack

2B90 Vertical Bike Rack 3/4 angle shot

2B90 Vertical Bike Rack with no bikes on it

Current Stock Levels

PLEASE NOTE: Due to an increased demand we are currently experiencing delays of:

  • 1-2 weeks for 2B90’s
  • 2-3 weeks for 3, 4 & 5 bike racks
  • 2-3 weeks for accessories

Our 6 Bike racks are back in stock & ready to go!

COVID-19 is continuing to impact the workforce across the country and we can also experience delays due to ill-health and the delivery times of freight companies.  While these are out of our control, we’ll endeavour to keep you as up to date as we can on order times.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.