AMB’s 2B90 Instagram Story Review & Questions

Shingleback 2 Bike Vertical Rack on Holden Colorado

As part of an upcoming review of the Shingleback 2B90 rack, the team at AMB Magazine have been putting the 2B90 through it’s paces and have recently published key product features and questions on their Instagram account. 

Check it out below!

AMB Instagram Story of Shingleback 2B90 Vertical Bike Rack

Shingleback 2B90 - With 5 heights a huge wheelbase can be accommodated

Close up of Shingleback 2B90 Vertical Rack settings

Side on image of Shingleback 2B90 Vertical Bike Rack

Close up of 2B90 Vertical Bike Rack with Light Board

Zoomed in shot of mtb wheels secured on 2B90 rack

2B90 Vertical Bike Rack is Made in Australia.

2B90 Tilting design allows for contact free use with trays or rear doors

2B90 Vertical bike rack with open rear ute tray

2B90 contact free bike loading

2B90 and Light Board loaded rub free

2B90 product questions

Is the 2B90 Bike Rack Worth It?

Shingleback 2B90 rear barn doors access question

Shingleback 2B90 height clearance question

2B90 BMX question answered

2B90 Ute Canopy Clearance Question Answered

2B90 heigh clearance question answered

Watch below to see the Shingleback 2B90 In Action!


For more product details and to buy the Shingleback 2B90 online click here